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About Brunel Oil & Gas
In 1975, from a small office in The Netherlands, graduate engineer Jan Brand found a temporary job for a fellow engineer. This first placement was the beginning of an era in worldwide temporary employment. Today, we’ve grown into a global service provider with over 10,000 employees in 104 offices across 35 countries. For the year ended 2016, we had an annual turnover of € 885 million, and we’re listed on Euronext Amsterdam NV and included in the Amsterdam Small Cap Index .
Our organisation
Known for our strength and stability, Brunel is unique. In everything we do, we follow our deep cultural values of entrepreneurship, a results-driven approach and operational excellence. But it is our people who set us apart. Their motivation, passion and energy are the secret to our success.

From a small office in Delft in The Netherlands, graduate engineer Jan Brand finds a temporary job for a fellow engineer. This first placement is the beginning of an era in worldwide temporary employment. With its emphasis on finding temporary jobs for highly qualified technical specialists, Brand’s company (called Multec) is contributing to the stability of local and international labour markets. Success comes quickly, and in 1987 Multec opens its first foreign office in Antwerp.

 The company flourishes and grows, diversifying into new markets, and even non-engineering activities, always adapting to cultural and legislative differences along the way. In 1989 our thriving company is renamed Brunel, after innovative British engineering genius Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Staying true to the principle of ‘specialists placing specialists’, which is in our DNA, in 1989 Brunel extends its capacity to include the categories of ICT, legal, finance and insurance & banking.
The international oil and gas sector has always made use of flexible labour, and in 1995 we form Brunel Energy – one of our fastest growing areas. The success of Brunel Energy is a superb example of the enterprising spirit of Brunel and the people it places. With characteristic perseverance and ingenuity, Brunel goes from strength to strength, launching operations in Scotland, Texas, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Germany. As well as providing outstanding local temporary employment through Brunel, Brunel Energy is now able to provide all of the major international oil and gas companies with highly qualified technical personnel.

In 1997, 22 years after its founding, Brunel’s success means we’re a major player in the temporary employment sector. Brunel is listed on the stock exchange, and investors recognise us as a company with enormous potential for strong future growth. Then in 2000, thanks to impressive profits and growth, Brunel is listed on the Next Prime Segment and the Amsterdam Small Cap Index (AScX).

Senior Contracts Engineer
Quantity Surveyor
Senior Commercial Analyst
FSO Marine Operations Specialist
Associate Finance
Structural Engineer FSOr
P.O.R. P V V Engineer

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