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About Maersk Oil
The origins of Maersk Drilling can be traced to the Danish Underground Consortium (“DUC”), established in 1962 among Maersk, Shell, and Gulf to exploit the resources in a defined area of the Danish part of the North Sea. By 1972, DUC produced first oil in the Danish part of the North Sea, and later that year, the Maersk Storm Drilling Company was established in a joint venture with Dearborn-Storm Drilling Company and underpinned by two semi-submersibles named Zephyr I and Zephyr II.
These rigs were owned by Maersk Drilling but operated by Storm Drilling. The following provides an overview of some of Maersk Drilling’s key periods and corresponding milestones since its inception.
Maersk Drilling established the Atlantic Pacific Marine Corporation (“APMC”) in the United States that would serve as a basis for building knowledge concerning drilling technology including the training of Maersk Drilling employees in the U.S. state of Louisiana. This further led to the construction of the jack-up Maersk Explorer, delivered in 1975 as the then world’s largest jack-up rig.

Following the ordering of Maersk Explorer, Maersk Drilling continued with a further ordering of five new drilling rigs of a variety of types including two jack-ups, a semi-submersible floater, a drilling tender and a so-called self-contained platform rig. While these units were being built Maersk Drilling established its head office and operations centre in Copenhagen while APMC continued as a U.S.-based drilling company and further acted as a training centre for the crews on the new rigs.

In 1976, Maersk Drilling established a 50-50 joint venture with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation to create the Egyptian Drilling Company. Following its inception, the joint venture remained operational for more than 40 years until December 2017, when Maersk Drilling sold its 50% shareholding in EDC to the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation.

Between 1978 and 1986, Maersk Drilling completed a second extensive Newbuilding programme. Two of these rigs, Maersk Giant and Maersk Guardian, were built for operation in harsh environments and waters as deep as 394 feet in the North Sea.

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