Saturday, April 27, 2019


Based in the State of Qatar, Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) Q.P.J.S.C. is one of the world’s-largest and most successful producers of low-density polyethylene (LDPE).
The Company produces a wide range of LDPE grades that are suitable for all thermoplastic processing techniques, which are used for various applications.
n addition to its core business, QAPCO has invested directly and indirectly in four associated ventures that contribute to the development of Qatar’s downstream petrochemicals sector.
We are also involved in a number of joint ventures (JVs), including Qatar Vinyl Company (QVC), Qatofin Company Limited, and Qatar Plastic Products Company (QPPC), thereby, producing various petrochemical products and making QAPCO a regional petrochemical powerhouse
QAPCO envisages dynamic and sustainable growth targeting the prosperity and wellbeing of our employees, society and to contribute to Qatar’s ever-growing economy.

QAPCO is determined to achieve its Vision through sustainable growth driven by innovation in processes, products, research and development achievable only through a developed talented workforce while safeguarding health, safety, and the environment.

We persistently ensure the safety of our employees, contractors, assets and communities; taking a pro-active approach to safety, we relentlessly seek ways to improve our safety performance.Innovative processes, creative ideas, research and development that bring together various novel ideas in a way that shall have an impact on society

Tactical Precorement manager QATAR View & Apply
Senior power plant panel operator QATAR View & Apply
Sr.Career development officer QATAR View & Apply
Head of construction QATAR View & Apply
Safety manager QATAR View & Apply
Day supervisors (LDPE ) QATAR View & Apply
Day supervisors (LDPE ) utilities QATAR View & Apply
Day supervisors (LDPE ) Ethylene QATAR View & Apply
Chlorine Plant manager QATAR View & Apply
Head of inspection QATAR View & Apply
Suport engineer process QATAR View & Apply
EDC/VCM Production engineer QATAR View & Apply
Suport engineer utility plants QATAR View & Apply
Lead relaybility QATAR View & Apply

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