Friday, April 12, 2019


About SK E&C
Since its establishment in 1977, SK E&C has been pursuing sustainable growth and stability, along with its consistent efforts to achieve the happiness of humanity and a better world, and gained a good reputation for its excellent technologies and construction capability in the various industries, such as power plants, civil infrastructure, architecture, and housing.

SK E&C will convert from quantitative growth to qualitative growth, and from Global EPC to Global TSP (Total Solution Provider) and will make a leap to accomplish the vision of ‘Global Top Tier City Developer & Infrastructure Builder.

SK E&C is renowned for its plant business around the world, from feasibility studies to design, procurement, construction, and all cycles to provide customer value as a Total Solution Provider, upgrading the status of the company.

In Korea, we contribute to economic growth and industrial development by diversifying our business from electricity, logistics, energy, chemical, and batteries to renewable energy and semiconductors. In the world, we raise the best value while competing with advanced enterprises on even ground, embracing all business areas of the value chain, including oil and gas plants, global plant EPC projects, development projects, and O&M projects.

We are the first company that entered the LNG business in the U.S. and the oil sands market in Canada, which allows us to flourish in the global market and become a top-tier global company in the plant industry.

We play an important role in leading branded domestic large-scale apartment projects, and also we display premium residential spaces through the Incheon and Suwon SK Skyview Apartments that optimize architectural beauty and function of the given spaces.

In addition, we established cutting-edge office buildings, the SK Building in Seorin-dong and SK T-Tower. As our ECO LAB has earned the highest grade, LEED Platinum grade, in the domestic market, we became a leading company in the eco-friendly building industry. Recently, we established “SK V1” with unparalleled designs and state-of-the-art systems, continuing our growth as a leading provider for knowledge industrial centers.

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