Wednesday, September 11, 2019


About Almarai
The Middle East’s leading food and beverage manufacturer and distributor – and the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy company. Since our foundation in 1977, consumers across the region have come to recognise the Almarai brand as synonymous with quality. Every day, we live and work by the maxim: ‘Quality you can trust.’

A quality culture exists throughout the Company. It begins with strategic decision-making by the Board of Directors and senior management, extends across our farming, manufacturing and distribution operations and is integral to the development of our employees’ professional skills. We have similarly high expectations of our suppliers and vendors, and exercise rigorous quality control measures across our procurement activities.

Almarai - the region’s largest food and beverage company - plays an important role in contributing to global sustainability. Our goal is to maximize the shared value we create for our business and for society, by integrated management of our economic, environmental and social performance. Both now and in the future, we aim to implement industry-leading practices to protect the well-being of our consumers and employees, ensure the health of our farm animals, protect the natural environment and generate significant economic value. As we look to the future, we will further develop our sustainability management approach to strategically address our most material issues.

Our sustainability framework summarizes what sustainability means for Almarai, by identifying the key areas that need to be managed and balanced to build a more inclusive, resilient and successful company. Our framework captures all of our material issues and forms the foundation of our sustainability strategy and reporting.

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Senior HR Supervisor (Corporate)KSAView & Apply

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