Saturday, October 5, 2019


Transocean traces its roots to onshore drilling operations, where T.S. "Stoney" Stoneman began his career as a draftsman and then a landman before joining the Danciger Oil & Refining Company of Fort Worth, Texas in 1926.

Mr. Stoneman bought the company's first drilling rig, paying for it with a personal check and putting it on his expense report. He would later play key leadership roles in pioneering offshore drilling with The Offshore Company.
While the first tentative steps to developing the marine drilling industry were being taken in the 1930s, drilling engineers were advancing onshore drilling methods and equipment.

While Danciger's T.S. Stoneman, shown in the photo above, continued his successful land career in the United States, Raymond Godet, an engineer who would later be a leader in another legacy company, Forex, was busy in France. Mr. Godet bought a German drilling rig in Paris and hooked it up to a boiler from a steam engine, enabling the rig to drill land wells at Saint Marcet.

During the current decade, Transocean has continued to set world deepwater drilling records while upgrading our high-specification fleet.

Working at Transocean provides an opportunity unlike anything else. You have the chance to set world records and explore in regions where no one else has. You can work on the most versatile and technologically advanced rigs in the industry. Tackle unique problems, expand your expertise and work with bright and passionate people from all over the globe. Not only will you work for a company that offers competitive pay and benefits, you can play an impactful role in our ongoing legacy of innovation. There is simply no other place like Transocean.

Job Position Location Action
Asst Driller / Casing Specialist World Wide View & Apply
Senior Writer World Wide View & Apply
Welder World Wide View & Apply
Administrator, Tax World Wide View & Apply
Lead, Project Planning World Wide View & Apply
Administrator, Accounts Payable World Wide View & Apply
Lead, Subsea Engineer World Wide View & Apply
Maintenance Specialist, Drilling Systems World Wide View & Apply
Analyst II, Pension Accounting World Wide View & Apply
Executive Finance Assistant World Wide View & Apply
3rd Mate World Wide View & Apply
Barge Supervisor III World Wide View & Apply
Financial Reporting Analyst II World Wide View & Apply
Subsea Supervisor-1 World Wide View & Apply
Reliability Engineer World Wide View & Apply
DPO - Canada Only World Wide View & Apply
Senior Lead IT Technical Specialist World Wide View & Apply

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