Friday, March 12, 2021

Pavizam Rice Careers - 2021

Rice, common name for about 19 species of annual herbs, of the grass family. Common rice is the only species of importance to human beings. It is native to south-east Asia and has been cultivated for more than 7,000 years. It thrives in areas of considerable warmth and moisture and reaches a height of about 1m (3 ft), with flowers bearing six stamens and a solitary pistil. The fruit, a grain, is produced on a nodding of the stalk. When the grain is ripe, Rice resembles the oat plant. The white endosperm is enclosed by a layer of bran surrounded by a brown husk.



We seek following suitable candidates to join in our team.


We welcome application from person who:


Are prepared to work shift base

Can provide best result and carrier oriented

Are able to work as a part of team

Are fit, active and able to control process

Will be committed to our quality, hygiene etc


Qualifications: BSc/ MSc in chemistry, micro biology, environment science Experience : minimum one year experience in water analysis must have knowledge to test COD, BOD, silica analysis, hardness, tds etc



Qualification: ITI/ Diploma Experience: at least one year as DM plant as operator


Qualification: ITI - Diploma Experience : At least one year experience as Turbine operator

For Contact :       + 91 0484 2649310

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